Securing the future of finance

Comprehensive DeFi insurance that protects users and secures protocols.

  • Insure


    Dedicated protocol insurance that safeguards the assets held by DeFi platforms and protects entire community

  • Earn


    High-return yields help source liquidity from across the DeFi ecosystem, rewarding users for securing their favorite protocols

  • Automate


    Smart contract automation eliminates bias and optimizes efficiency, making DeFi insurance secure, simple and accessible

  • Fully backed insurance for protocols

    Without effective protocol insurance, users are left bearing all the costs to cover their assets. Steady State uses a B2B-inspired model to insure the assets locked in DeFi protocols, allowing DAOs, businesses and communities to build comprehensive policies that guarantee protection for every party.

    Backend Insurance
  • Shared policies and collateral for maximum capital efficiency

    To maximize capital efficiency and collateralization, protocols may pool funds together into an index pool, allowing each participating protocol to reduce their premiums and reach over-collateralization. Coverage providers reduce downside risk by allowing their principal to insure several policies instead of just one.

    Capital Efficiency
  • A decentralized security layer that actually scales

    Steady State combines parametric insurance, actuarial science and financial engineering to form an innovative protective layer for protocols. Users can turn their staked assets into tradeable instruments, creating a novel, tradeable assets class based on DeFi risk exposure.

    Decentralized Security Layer

Steady State Offers

  • Competitive yields

    Competitive yields

    Coverage providers may earn yield from up to four different sources. Competitive yields help accumulate the liquidity necessary to cover widespread events.

  • Complete, customizable coverage

    Complete, customizable coverage

    Protocols are safe knowing their assets are fully covered in a loss event and protected by tailored policies that are customized to fit their specific needs.

  • Real risk management

    Real risk management

    Index pools diversify coverage providers to minimize downside risk and limit exposure to one single policy event.

  • Lower costs and premiums

    Lower costs and premiums

    By sharing insurance coverage within Steady State’s model, protocols may split costs and get more assets covered for less.

  • Secondary market composability

    Secondary market composability

    Every insurance pool token (plToken) will be tradeable on leading DEXs, creating a new DeFi building block.

  • Parametric coverage

    Parametric coverage

    Users can rest easy knowing that their funds are secured on a protocol level by policies that always pay when there’s an event.

Additional Features

  • Objective risk analysis

    Objective risk analysis

    Steady State will use its own Risk Analysis Database (RAD), the first open-source database of its kind. RAD will be used to aggregate data on DeFi hacks and protocols in order to create machine learning-based models that can accurately assess risk.

  • Robust Governance

    Robust Governance

    Steady State will rely on a powerful governance model. The DAO will make strategic decisions on the protocol’s direction and manage its own treasury, putting to use an innovative new economic model that incentivizes long-term sustainability for all participants in the ecosystem.

  • Automated Claims

    Automated Claims

    Steady State is built around the idea that smart contracts can dramatically reduce inefficiencies within current DeFi insurance options. The protocol will integrate automated, self-executing contracts which are fair and objective to settle claims during an exploit event.


Steady State was founded on the belief that decentralized finance deserves a better insurance solution. Risk factors such as flash loan exploits, hacks, and stablecoin de-pegging subject the DeFi market to unpredictable, catastrophic losses, and their effects are exacerbated by the low percentage of insured assets (less than 2% of DeFi’s overall TVL). This is a source of discomfort for market participants and discourages adoption by retail and institutional investors.

Liquid insurance markets will accelerate DeFi’s growth and promote its adoption by institutional players who require scalable solutions for risk management. Insurance is a hallmark of a mature market, we believe it’s not a question of whether widely adopted coverage comes to DeFi, but when. Steady State is here to provide industry-leading, dedicated insurance for protocols that reimagines risk management from the ground up.

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