Building blocks

Building tradeable insurance products as a building block for seamless interaction

The Protocol

Steady State secures the DeFi ecosystem with a robust stack of technology that optimizes insurance to make it secure, scalable and accessible. Through a dynamic interplay between indexed coverage pools, automated claims, objective risk analysis and liquid secondary markets, Steady State redefines the relationship between protocols and their users by leveraging risk management to insure the former, reward the latter, and safeguard both.

Protocol Map
Automated Smart Contracts

Automated Smart Contracts

Our automated claims and smart contracts have predefined conditions easily verifiable with immutable data. Steady State keeps human interference at a minimum for claims processing.

  • Improved transparency
  • Predefined payout conditions
  • Reduced potential for manipulation
  • Powered by Chainlink Keepers to continuously monitor off-chain data
Coverage Pools

Coverage Pools

DeFi protocols and CeFi platforms can create customized insurance policies that are underwritten by individual users. This solves the liquidity problem in DeFi insurance by allowing protocols and platforms to tailor the terms of their policy to their own needs and source liquidity from open-market investors who are incentivized by attractive rewards.

  • Protocols can get up to 100% of TVL covered
  • Protects every party with assets in the protocol
  • Customizable policy parameters
Index Pools

Index Pools

Band multiple coverage pools together as a common insurance policy to maximize capital allocation and efficiency. By spreading risk across multiple pools, policyholders and coverage providers benefit from:

  • Higher collateralization
  • Reduced downside risk
  • Lower premium cost on policies


Our novel Risk Analysis Database (RAD) is the first open-source database tracking manifold forms of exploit in the DeFi ecosystem. RAD integrates with Chainlink nodes to aggregate data on DeFi hacks and protocols.

  • Obtain aggregated, standardized, transparent information
  • Establish accurate parameters for risk variables
  • Alerts users of latent dangers

Composability in Secondary Markets


A new “money lego”: Steady State will have the first tradeable insurance tokens, creating a new DeFi building block.


Liquid secondary markets: Every insurance pool token (plToken) will be tradeable on Uniswap V3 and other leading AMMs.


Highly incentivized LP stakingplToken holders can maximize their yield by supplying liquidity to the Uniswap pools while still earning rewards from Steady State.

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